Mocemsa Fashion Perfumes for Women

Mocemsa, the Spanish perfume maker of international repute, has recently introduced its range of six fashion perfumes for the Indianwoman whichis all set to create a new trend in women’s fashion in India. Mocemsa women’s fragrances enable a woman to say much more with fragrances than words.

Mocemsa fashion perfumes for women which have already captured the hearts and minds of women all over the world can now also be bought in India.

Mocemsa Perfumes Online India

It is now so easy to buy Mocemsa fashion perfumes online. Fashion perfumes can be bought at from the women’s perfume section of the Mocemsa portal. Mocemsa fashion perfumes are also available offline at the major lifestyle retail outlets of the country.

Mocemsa Trendy Perfume for Women

Mocemsa trendy women perfumes are suitable for all occasions. Be surrounded by Mocemsa trendy perfume all day and leave an everlasting impression.

Mocemsa Water Lily perfume for women surrounds you with that fresh fragrance so characteristic of springtime forest. The central fragrance of the perfume is derived from a blend of Carnation, Easter lilies and Peonies. The top fragrances comprise white lotus, Freesia and rose water fragrances. The low fragrances are derived from satin musk accord, Japanese Osmanthus, and White Cedar.

Mocemsa Popular Perfumes for Women

Mocemsa Royalefashion perfume for women is for the women with a difference which bespeaks of royalty. The perfume has amagnificenttop, mid and base blend of fragrances derived from orange blossom, Japanese osmanthus, patchouli, Haitian vetiver, cashmere, and sandalwood.

Mocemsa Love Berryis for the woman who wants to celebrate her love. The Love Berry surrounds her with the intoxicating and forbidden aromas of the luscious red fruits and flowers and speaks of her charming youth and rosiness.

Mocemsa Be Naughty is for the woman who is not afraid to express her essence of sensuality. Mocemsa Be Naughty fragrance bespeaks of a unique exotic wilderness of the tropical and exotic flowers.

Mocemsa, The Proposal fashion perfume for women, is the fragrance of the lovely roses that expresses the warmth of a women’s persona or a heart filled with romance and love. The fragrance of the perfume derived from a garden of warm flowers is a noble expression of a woman’s love. The proposal is an ideal gift for a bride at her wedding or can be worn by a woman who is about to be proposed.

Mocemsa Al Ameera is a perfume meant for exclusive women fit to be a princess! Al Ameera perfume is the most exquisite oudfashion perfume offer by Mocemsa for the exquisite women. The fragrance is reminiscent of the richness of Middle East and bespeaks of sophistication and culture and an unmatched grace. The central fragrances of Al Ameera perfume have been extracted from Kashmir saffron and Indian Rose oil. The wafting fragrances are the wood fragrances of sandal and agar and Thai oud. The base fragrance of the perfume comprises of Ambergis, Persian rose petals and Indonesian Patchouli.

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