About Us

Our Fable

  Reminiscent of your presence, your sillage speaks louder than words. Ingrained with this belief, we have exquisitely created an array of fragrances, that encapsulate the essence of your persona. Each perfume is crafted with a concoction of alluring notes, evoking an air of sophistry. Indigenous at heart yet global in spirit, our perfumes segue from the surreal scape of Spain to a country whose very soul is doused in the scents of diversity, India. Thus, marking our foray into the Indian Luxury Market of Perfumery.

Our Belief-The Craft

As connoisseurs of perfumery, we believe that every fragrance is an amalgam of olfactory sensibilities and visual aesthetic. In tandem with our beliefs, our luxurious perfumes are enclasped in bottles that are sourced from the most renowned manufacturers and packaged with utmost care and sophistication. As catalysts in discovering elements that nature is bestowed with, we distinctly pride ourselves over our enduring passion for research and development. Our fragrances are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Barcelona, strictly conforming to internationally accepted IFRA standards, which are followed by all international brands.

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