An active, healthy lifestyle is the key to staying fit. And, men do recognise the fact that doing so is a great idea. Whether you play a group sport, run, do yoga, dance or love working out at the gym - chances are you’re going to perspire and sweat it out! And, at times, while being in the gym among others when you get sweaty and overheated, can be a bit embarrassing and daunting. On the other hand, smelling fragrant while you split the space and feel the burn can help get rid of that insecurity (if there is any that is).

Also, another true fact that you’ve probably heard is that certain scents in a perfume can assist in alleviating symptoms of illness and improve your overall health. This International Men's Day, let us learn about the effects that a scent can have on your athletic performance during your gym workout sessions.

To clarify, undeniably, nothing can surpass meticulous fitness training and proper balanced nutrition, but scents help with aspects of athletic performance. If you run a fitness studio or gym, then you’ll want it to be a place where people enjoy and get benefits from the scents in your gym.

Further, perfume for men can have a profound effect on mental wellbeing. A lot of research has been done on the benefits particular scents can have on anxiety and depression, which can, in turn, help to increase self-confidence. So, the question is which scents can help to improve athletic performance? Well, yes it can and here is how and what you should look for before you hit the gyms.

What To Look For?

Pursuing the instances where you may be sharing the fitness arena with others, it’s important not to wear a fragrance that is too overwhelming or pungent as this might bother or offend those around you in the vicinity. Workout perfumes, fragrances and summer scents are similar when it comes to their requirements. You would want something fresh, light, and somewhat innocuous.

For instance, subtle, pleasant & deliciously fresh, Rouge by Mocemsa echoes the fragrance’s deceptive versatility, characterized by top notes of citrus such as South African Lychee & green mandarin, a complex heart with the marine accord, and an understatedly sensual woody base of Madagascar vanilla, precious woods & musks. In other words, men look forward to perfumes like Rouge EDP for men by Mocemsa - a fresh, masculine & sporty scent that insists a man keeps coming back for another sniff. Moreover, the South African lychee has been incorporated as a top note specifically because it keeps you smelling fresh and diffuses the sweaty aroma while uplifting your mood and enhancing your senses.

One should avoid opting for warm spicy notes, sweet gourmand flavours, or anything with an oud. What, in reality, works well in action are those aquatic, citrus, soapy-free smelling fragrant aromas; the ones with invigorating and exciting accords that keep you energized and on-the-go to push your limits, further and further.

And, even though many of you might think that having a fragrance for the gym, a yoga session or any form of exercise isn’t necessarily essential, but, that is not true. And, most of the men realise that. In fact, it is undoubtedly a must-have essential for when you require a cool, soft, refreshing and inoffensive fragrance (which could also act as an additional summer scent as well).

If you often go to the gym, you’ll be all too familiar with the great sweaty, changing room scent. You’ll also know that it isn’t the most pleasant scent. So why not make a change? Wear a great, cool fragrance, that suits your gym environment. A fragrance in the gym can actually bring a pleasant smell to both you and others when used properly. Mocemsa wishes all the men out there a Happy International Men's Day and good health.

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