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Mocemsa, as a brand,  is concerned about maintaining and ensuring the privacy of users who visit our website. The privacy policy must be read by you to understand how your personal information is always secure with us and not compromised at any level.  

This privacy policy relates to users who visit Mocemsa website available at and includes any other web pages that are accessed using our website.  The same is only applicable to any other websites which might claim to sell Mocemsa products. Users can browse our site anonymously, and we collect personal information of website users only when they do provide the same voluntarily which happens when they fill forms, subscribe newsletters, participate in surveys, enter contests, explore promotional opportunities, make purchases and register on their own. The personal information gathered by us includes name, phone number, address, purchase information and email address. This information is never compromised and is used to provide better consumer and purchasing information to you after the first usage. It also helps us to provide you with information regarding upcoming events, new product launches and offers that may be of your interest. It also helps in streamlining your future purchases. Gathering of such information contributes to making the website more user-friendly. 

We may also collect non-personal information. The site automatically receives such details via browsers used by users. It includes data like IP address, language, browser type, referring website address and access times. It is to be noted that we do not use this information to identify users but screen them for compliance with our terms and conditions. It also helps us in making the website more secure for other users. 

To add, we may also gather information via cookies. Browsers accept cookies as a default. As a user, you may change the settings of your browser to refuse all cookies or get a notification when a cookie is sent to your side. When you decline the cookie, certain functionalities of the site may get impaired. Cookies are parts of information that a website transfers to the user’s browser that gets stored in the system. The cookies are returned to the site whenever the same user returns to the website. They help in knowing details like first time users, sections of the web-site that users find interesting. It only enhances your experience while browsing the site and knowing preferences of users. It also helps us by making suitable changes to the site. 

Regarding details shared with you above, we would like to mention here that we neither disclose nor sell any information of users to the third party, except:

-    If we are required to do so as per law or legal procedures.

-    When disclosure is imperative to prevent any financial loss, physical injury or any other form of dispute. 

-    In cases of unlawful acts that may endanger public safety

-    When we have substantial reason to believe that disclosure is necessary for good faith 

We reserve the right to share customer’s or prospect's information with third parties only for marketing and promotional activities of products/services/events offered by us, which might be of your interest. Any such information transfer shall be a subject to security obligations and confidentiality. 

Furthermore, we may share information with online advertisers that help in delivering targeted ads to users. It helps in the creation and rendering of bespoke communications and advertising. 

Protecting your privacy and information is of prime importance to us. All the gathered information gets stored in secure servers. However, we do not warrant that our level of security is related to any specific standards. Please that no interest transmission is error-free and completely safe. We cannot guarantee the security of the website and databases or the information supplied and did not claim that it will not be intercepted during transmission to our end over the internet. We do not take any responsibility for any third-party action.

-    To update the personal information you may access a personal profile created on our website if the same is available to access. You may also contact us to get assistance in the creation or editing of your personal information. 

-    You may anytime choose to unsubscribe marketing emails using the unsubscribe link provided in marketing emails. 

-    Any personal information(s) gathered on our website may be transferred in case of acquisition, merger or sale of company assets. 

-    The site does not target children, and we do not gather any personal information about children falling under the age of 13 years.

-    We always reserve the right to update/alter the privacy policy at any time, and any such alterations can bind you. Please be patient and keep checking your privacy policy if and when you feel so. 

-    We recommend you to read this policy from time to time to stay updated with any changes. It also helps you know how we protect your personal information. 


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