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Mocemsa's Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

Mocemsa's Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

Mocemsa's Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

We often find men perceiving and judging fragrances. While they seek perfection and sophistication they demand reliability and performance too! To elaborate, while fancy and big-budget marketing campaigns stand impactful, eventually, a fragrance tends to survive only when men keep coming back to it! 

To cater to your fragrance wardrobes, Mocemsa brings to you luxurious & premium colognes that are very much capable of snatching your attention & appealing to your senses. From warm and woody to fresh and clean to sweet vanilla and musky perfumes, we hold the power to convey your personality. Therefore, if you’re looking to boost your desirability and mark your presence everywhere you go, the right scent will go a long way. Agree or agree?

Well, irrespective of whether you’re a fragrance fresher on the lookout for your signature scent or a fragrance junkie who wants another sniff to get added to his fragrance wardrobe, luckily, we know what’s best for you! Here is a list of our best smelling picks and the most irresistible of perfumes for men. What are you waiting for? Begin to browse through:

Studd Pour Homme Eau De Parfum For Men

Studd EDP For Men by Mocemsa

Being every bit as esteemed, macho, and masculine as its name & reputation implies, STUDD Pour Homme Eau De Perfume For Men by Mocemsa brings plenty of bang and confidence for your buck. This fresh luxury cologne opens boldly with bursts of lemon and rosemary absolute. At heart are bourbon geranium and French lavender while the base delivers seductive notes of vetiver, oakmoss & sandalwood. And, yes it qualifies for our number one trending pick!

For more info, please visit: Studd EDP For Men

In Heart Eau De Parfum For Men

Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

One of the men’s favourite oriental fragrances by Mocemsa, In Heart, classifies as a perfectly warm, spicy, woody & earthy Eau De Parfum that contains citrus, wood and leathery notes. The dominating notes of Italian Bergamot, Kashmiri Saffron and Cedarwood among the others provide for a more masculine edge. Usually worn on a cool evening, this fragrance is an authentic take on refreshing colognes.

For more info, please visit: In Heart EDP For Men

Tuxedo Pour Homme Eau De Parfum 

Tuxedo Pour Homme -Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

Ranked at number three, Mocemsa House Of Perfumery brings to you its insatiable fragrance carved from the scents of the earth, Tuxedo Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for men. A classic blend of earthy & musky aromas, certainly not for those wanting something ‘subtle,’ this breathtaking scent is intense, strong, and very distinctive. Top notes of Tangelo orange and handpicked Baie rose particularly evoke the scent’s strength. When teamed with Cedarwood Texas & Indonesian Patchouli, this scent is perfect for evening wear.

For more info, please visit: Tuxedo Pour Homme EDP For Men

Mystic Ocean Pour Homme Eau De Parfum For Men

Mystic Ocean - Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

Ranked at number four, Mystic Ocean Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for men by Mocemsa captures the freshness and vitality of the ocean & the crystal blue sea. This fragrance sails off with a citrusy cocktail blended with rosemary providing sunny warmth to your skin. For a man who dares to explore the mysteries beyond horizons, it’s a perfect go-to choice. All you require is just one spritz of this cologne & it will be enough to sail you off in the sea of uncharted mysteries. A must-have mysterious addition to your fragrance wardrobe!

For more info, please visit: Mystic Ocean Pour Homme EDP

Royal Eau De Parfum For Men

Royal Pour Homme Eau De Parfum - Top 5 Eau De Parfum For Men

Mocemsa Royal Eau De Parfum for men is a perfect fit for all who want to rock an extravagant, unmistakable, unique scent. It employs the mysterious notes of Brazilian pink pepper fused with iris & Bulgarian rose followed by the sweet Madagascar Vanilla. Indeed a top exotic oriental woody fragrance.

For more info, please visit: Royal Pour Homme EDP 

There are hundreds of great men’s fragrances out there in the market. However, the truly iconic ones are a sniff out of the ordinary. The above-listed colognes for men have survived fads and fashions to earn their place.

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