About Us

Experienced, evolved and enthusiastic, Mocemsa is a well-known global brand in fragrance industry. Our state of the art production facility housed at Barcelona, Spain is the fountainhead through which we cater to customers globally. It conforms to IFRA standards which are followed by all leading fragrance brands internationally. We distinctly pride ourselves over our enduring passion for research and development.

We at Mocemsa fully understand that the relation of the product with the end user is established right from the selection of raw material. True customisation begins at ground zero itself. Every subsequent production stage is just another opportunity to please, more intimately. 


‘Our Belief – Creating the Extraordinary’

 At Mocemsa we are blending high-quality, luxurious perfumes for men and women of taste. We’re fully aware that when it comes to fragrance, aesthetics is no minor consideration. To live up to this belief, it’s a pleasure to share that all our bottles are sourced from Italy while the outer packaging of products is procured from Italy and Germany. Many of the bottles and packaging are hand-made, aimed at providing a unique experience to every customer.

We firmly believe that smelling good should be a privilege of not just the affluent few but of masses in general who aspire to live well. Which is why, we’re packaging the same international class in our bottles as one would expect out of world renowned perfume brands. Fragrances offered by Mocemsa are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Barcelona, strictly conforming to internationally accepted IFRA standards, which are followed by all international brands.



Perfumer's Profile

Consumed by the fragrance of his passion, a perfumer sees each scent as an expression of a distinct human personality. Through his skill and learning he strives to capture the same God-given attributes into a man-made bottle.  At the head of Mocemsa’s Indian outing is one such eminent perfumer Mr. Pulkit Malhotra, a graduate from the prestigious Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Grasse, France, where he was taught by master perfumer Mr. Max Gavarry, the creator of Amber by Prada. Having a keen insight into what delights the Indian olfaction, Pulkit is the perfect bridge between international offerings and Indian preferences.

“My passion for perfume developed at a very young age and I was lucky enough to get trained at a world-renowned perfumery under a master perfumer like Mr. Max Gavarry. The years of passion and perseverance made me learn the art of perfume creation. I could have easily opted to work for international brands after I became an expert in fragrance making process but I chose to work for my people back in India. I have put my best efforts in inventing Mocemsa perfumes and I am sure they will be your cherished possession. I welcome you to Mocemsa family!”

                                                                                                                                     –  Pulkit Malhotra 





 “To make specialized rare fragrances, luxury perfumes accessible to Indian men and women and create a niche of its own.”



To become most preferred luxury perfume brand in India by making use of advanced blending techniques used in the fragrance industry. We aim to make our customers more than they expect from the international brands. We aim to offer rare perfume blends at amazing prices so that the treasured fragrances remain affordable to everyone. As a brand, we wish to educate, aware and empower our customers as well as the team when it comes to the world of luxury scents and their creation. Our focus during designing and developing the products has been to provide consumer with the same level of quality as one would get in a top duty-free brand but at an affordable price.



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