Al Ameer Men Pour Homme Eau De Parfum
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Al Ameer Men Pour Homme Eau De Parfum
A popular, humble and masculine fragrance with a Middle Eastern Sultani touch, Al Ameer Men Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for men by Mocemsa is the perfect go-to choice for the charming and magnificent you. The royal scent is both...
Rs. 4,600.00 Rs. 4,499.00
Al Ameera Women Pour Femme Eau De Parfum (100ml)
Bursting with intoxicating & incense-like fragrance, Al Ameera Women Pour Femme Eau De Parfum is the right fit for the contemporary princess in you who walks and talks regality. This exclusive elixir showcases itself with the most-talked-about Middle-Eastern touch. One...
Rs. 4,600.00

Oud Perfume 

Recognised as the 'million bucks scent' or referred to as 'liquid gold,' Oudh or oud perfume for men, women, can be blindly perceived as the most expensive Middle-Eastern fragrance raw ingredient all around the globe. The kind of oud depends on the location of origin - Cambodian Oud (hails from Cambodia), Thai Oud, Arabic Oud, Persian Oud, etc. When we usually think of luxury, the first thing that strikes one's mind is perfumes! And, when one thinks of perfumes, the only luxurious fragrance that allures one's mind is an oud perfume. In other words, oud-based scents are explicitly making a statement in the fragrant world of scents and colognes! Here is why.

How The Industry Identifies, Defines And Extracts Oud Fragrance

In addition to burning holes in one's pocket, oud, also known as agarwood, this perfume essential oil gets extracted from the fungus-infected resinous heartwood of the rare-to-find agar tree. You may ask, where is it primarily found? Well, these trees can be found in the dense forests of Southeast Asia, India and Bangladesh. 

Further, talking about its extraction process, it is either procured via distillation from the wood or on the other hand, by melting the resin. Moreover, it is claimed by many that among every ten agarwood trees in the wilderness, you may only find one that has an infected heartwood. And, even though it's existence is as scarce as hen's teeth, expert perfumers are always on the lookout for these older than usual trees due to the patronizing prosperity of the resin’s aroma. However, you may want to know that these trees have now been marked as threatened species.

Plus, since, the resin is only activated by the formation of the mould, there is a rough evaluation that claims a total of 2 per cent of these trees supporting its production. Therefore this is exactly what contributes to an oud perfume oil being super expensive, one commodity that costs a bomb in the essential oil market.

Diverse Aspects Of Oud Perfume

Did you know that an oud fragrance for men and women comprises various aspects that are considered while creating an oud perfume? For instance, not only is the scent pungent, but also very pleasing to the senses. Moreover, it implores the warm, smoky notes with hues of dampened wood. 

While the above-mentioned factors stand true, an oud scent when blended with tinges of flowers and fruits, the prime fragrance that invokes your sense of smell happens to be musky and sensual. All things said and done, this complicated yet extraordinary scent that binds together an oud perfume for women and men qualifies as an invaluable, scarce and enticing gift of nature. And, when put together with other perfume or essential oils, it creates a supremely fascinating and out-of-the-world kind of olfactory experience.

Use of Oud In Mocemsa's Perfumes

In the modern world of perfumery, oud perfume for women and men have gained immense popularity and interest among the masses. You may note that when used in Mocemsa's classic yet contemporary perfume compositions, oud is more often than not placed as a base note. Why? Because the base notes are rich and long-lasting and hence they stay on while others disperse. 

Additionally, their presence in a perfume enhances the fragrance of other ingredients, rather, in some cases, they even impart a unique smell.

Mocemsa Oud Perfume For Men

A man who loves intense and warm perfumes, and looks forward to smelling like a royal king or sultan, Mocemsa's opulent creation - Al Ameer Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for Men is the go-to choice. A celebrated, heady and difficult to ignore kind of masculine scent, it makes for a perfect luxurious, royal yet humble men’s fragrance. 

This Middle Eastern Sultani fragrance features the fragrant notes of black cardamom, white pepper, geranium Egypt at the top, cedarwood Virginia, Indian papyrus, Turkish rose oil and Frankincense oil at the heart, and hinoki wood, Mysore sandalwood, cistus absolute and Cambodian Oud at the base. Indeed an earthy, exotic and sensual cologne that is all set to dazzle a man's senses.

Mocemsa Oud Perfume For Women

Women's love for contemporary yet classic perfumes cannot be ignored here. To cater to which, Mocemsa's sophisticated and elegant perfume blend of Al Ameera Pour Femme Eau De Parfum for women serves as the recognized fitting choice. 

The fragrant blend elevates the notes of Kashmir Saffron and Indian rose oil at the top, ambergris, Persian rose petals and Indonesian Patchouli at the heart, and Thai Oud, Mysore sandalwood and agarwood at the base. Deep, seductive, royal, raged and powerful, yes, these words are what defines the oud perfume by Mocemsa that is sure to make a woman feel confident yet graceful.

In Conclusion

To conclude, this Middle Eastern fragrance is an evocative and truly unforgettable ingredient that the world of perfumery worships as oud.

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