All You Need To Know About Perfumes And Spices

All You Need To Know About Perfumes And Spices

You can be the most adventurous when it comes to perfumes and spices. Specifically, warm, sensuous, mysterious, exotic sultry; these are all words often used to describe spicy fragrances.

There’s a different vibe that a spicy scent makes you feel and radiate. Not to forget they are often found captivating your senses and are super-expressive.

Spicy notes can be classified into two - hot and cold spices. The classification dates back to its origin in Ancient Greece and Chinese medicine. While we humans have used spices for ages in cooking, medicines, trade, spiritual practices, they make a huge impact in elevating a fragrance in perfumery.

Today, they have become valuable possessions for perfumers and are used in various quantities. To know more about the enchanting tales of spicy notes in perfumery, read on!

Spicy Notes Define Character

All You Need To Know About Perfumes And Spices

As you may all know that humans are closely associated with spices; there is something unique yet common about spices that we can turn into the best perfume for men and women which enhances the human odour.

To elaborate, ancient medical systems using spices were found in 1000 BCE in India, China, and Korea. Plus, many early uses of spices are related to tradition, medicine, magic, religion,  and preservation. 

For you to understand better, several spices that we use as a part of our cooking in the kitchen are the same ones we use to build the notes of a fragrance. For instance, spices like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, clove, saffron, coriander, and cardamom form the best notes in any spicy perfume.

These spices get procured from parts of plants including tree bark, plant roots, seeds, and fruits. And, they are easily differentiable from herbs, which include leaves, flowers and stems of plants. 

Variety Of Spices Employed In Bestseller Perfumes



It has a strong but unique, fresh and sweet but spicy fragrance as well as flavour. Its essential oil was distilled in 1544 by Valerius Cordus for the very first time. The event dates to when Portuguese explorers extracted it from the southwest Indian coast. 

Moreover, cardamom is often used as a top or middle note providing both sweet and spicy aroma, found in Mocemsa's irresistible masculine scent of Al Ameer Pour Homme perfume for men as a top note. It makes for a perfect luxurious oud fragrance. Indeed the best perfume for men one can find at present.

Black Pepper

Once a celebrated ingredient only for the rich has now become the most popular spice which is commonly used in perfumery as well. It provides a cooling aftereffect in a perfume in addition to possessing sharp and warm qualities. And, well, people all across the globe describe it best as 'peppery.' 

Talking about its extraction, black pepper oil gets extracted from the unripe berries on flowering vines. The primary step involves the drying and crushing of the peppercorns followed by steam distillation to produce a scented liquid. Lastly, black pepper is treated as warming and stimulating for both your mind and your heart.


It carries a dry, warm, spicy and sweet aroma. One of the widely known and used spices, it has been appreciated across generations. The dried bark of cinnamon is used to add flavour and taste to foods ranging from savoury to sweet, and whereas essential oils can get procured from all parts like the bark, leaves, root, and stems. What's more surprising is that each part provides a slightly different aroma from the other. 

The bush is found in countries and places like India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. Arousing and pretty strong, only a little amount of its essential oil is needed in any fragrance to have the desired effect.

To conclude, while on one hand, spices help enhance our taste, on the other hand, they arouse our senses and hit our noses with full power. From spices like pink pepper to black cardamom to Kashmiri Saffron, Mocemsa features them in both - perfume for men and perfume for women.

Some celebrated ones include In Heart Eau De Perfume for men consisting of Kashmiri saffron and Celeb Eau De Perfume for women comprising ginger absolute. These supreme fragrances provide something deeper, ancient, and uplifting! They have indeed become an important aspect of the human experience.

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