How To Apply A Perfume

How to Apply Perfume

How To Apply A Perfume


Perfumes are that one fashion accessory that serves multiple purposes - the most obvious being its power to keep unpleasant body stinks at bay. However, do you think you know how to apply perfume correctly? We hate to break it to you that you may be applying it wrongly. Yes, for all those who are not aware, there do exist right and wrong ways to spray your scents. After all, there's a particular reason why your perfume fragrance lasts for only two hours utmost. After which it starts to fade away. And, the solution to this problem comes down to its application. 


Moving ahead, there is no reason for you to freak out. We have experimented with a few ways to ensure that your fragrance stays for longer than you expect. At Mocemsa, we breathe fragrances 24x7. After multiple years of spraying, testing and smelling perfumes, we have successfully collated several tricks and hacks on how to apply perfume correctly while genuinely making it last! We want you to smell good throughout the day. In the same direction, please find listed below a few easy-to-execute tips that'll upgrade your application of scents:


Tips And Tricks To Apply A Perfume In 2021


1: Apply a perfume along with an unscented deodorant


Even though we understand that you may love the fruity aroma of your daily deodorant, but that scent when paired with your spicy woody perfume, it does not make for a favourable combo. When you're putting on your perfume, you should stick to applying a deo with zero fragrance so that you don't end up attacking your nostrils or for that matter, anyone else's! Why take yourself through an unpleasant mix of smells!


2: Examine the concentration of your perfume


While many find the term 'perfume concentration' a little on the fancier side, let us brief you on what it is. It defines the exact ratio of the perfume oil to that of the alcohol present. The latter helps neutralize the scent and regulates how long the aroma will last on your skin. To elaborate, Eau de parfum fragrances comprise more perfume oil and are more intense (Mocemsa's EDP fragrances last for more than 8 hours) as compared to Eau de toilette that last for around 4-5 hours.


3: Apply a scent after using an unscented body lotion or oil


Just so that you know, dry skin doesn't absorb a perfume as well as how oily or hydrated skin does. So, before you apply a perfume make sure to put on an unscented body lotion or oil to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. Once you do that, you will be able to hold the scent better and have to reapply less often.


4: Spray perfume on your clothes as well

In addition to spritzing a cologne on your body, spray it all over your clothes as well. In other words, cloth fibres hold in fragrances for a very long time, even after you happen to wash the fabric.


5: Apply your perfume right after you take a shower


The idea behind doing so is letting the moisture and hydration on your skin help lock in the aromatic scent. Additionally, this shall also help prevent the perfume from taining delicious clothes like that expensive sleek silk blouse of yours or valuable jewelry.


6: Apply perfume by spraying and not misting


You must have seen how some people spray a variety of perfumes or a single perfume into the air and then stroll through it, right? Yes, please don’t do so! You're doing nothing but merely wasting the product. Especially because the scent is most likely to evaporate after a short while. A direct spray onto your bare skin is all you need! This way, you can continue to keep the perfume aroma on yourself for a longer time.


7: Spray the scent on the top of your ears


As weird as it sounds, it does work. The oilier your skin will be, the better it will hold the perfume! And, to be precise, when we talk about the top of your ears, it is a little oilier than behind your earlobes.


8: Don't store the perfume bottle in your bathroom


The reason why it is not advisable to store the fragrance in your bathroom is that heat, humidity and light tend to break down the perfume notes. And, hence, as a result, this reduces the quality as well as the intensity of the scent. At Mocemsa, we recommend you to store your perfume bottles in a cool and dry place! For instance, on the vanity in your room, away from the windows and direct exposure to sunlight. #11: Never rub your wrists together post applying perfume


When you spray a perfume, never dab it on your wrists after that. If you end up rubbing the inner parts of your wrists together, you’ll be forced to drive away the fragrance faster than that intended. In other words, your scent won’t last that long. One tip that shall help you in how to apply a perfume.


9: Apply your perfume on your pulse points


If you want to make your perfume to last long, choose to spray it on a couple of identified pulse points such as your wrists, the inside of your elbows, on your neck, below your mid riff, and behind your knees. These happen to be warm areas that are sure to help diffuse the scent across your body. Also, try spraying it on your ankles and calves. Doing so shall allow the fragrance to rise throughout the day. 


#10: Brush up on some common perfume terminologies


We have listed a few fragrance terms for you to know exactly what all factors you need to take care of before you buy a new cologne:


Top Notes: The first fragrance your nose smells after you spray the perfume. And, these fade quickly.

Middle/Heart Notes: The notes that emit fragrance after the top note fade.

Base Notes: The heaviest scented notes that linger the longest.


11: Apply a fragrance on cotton swabs


To elaborate, you may want to spray cotton swabs with your scent and hide them in small bags inside your bag. Why? For more than quick touch-ups throughout the day. Moreover, it is simply very easy to carry along cotton swabs in those mini purses as compared to carrying an entire perfume bottle.


To help you understand the process of daily application of perfumes, we have discussed above how to apply a perfume and make the most of your scented experience! Hope these tricks may have helped you nail it!

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