How Perfume Aesthetic Redefines A Fragrance

How Perfume Aesthetic Redefines A Fragrance

One often visits a store to search for perfume; what is the first thing one looks at? The exterior of the perfume. The art and aesthetic behind the perfume bottle play a vital role in attracting people. What if I serve you a good dinner on an old, broken plate? Will you be interested in eating? No, right, because it doesn't satisfy your eye. The concept is pretty much very similar.

What Is Perfume Aesthetic?

Imagine a situation where you ignore a perfume just because of the bottle it is filled in. Moreover, everyone wants something that will look appealing on their dressing table. Mostly, perfume for men and women are considered something that is to wear, but the first thing that appeals to us is how it looks. 

Perfume aesthetics are a broader concept, and every day, we find that not all perfumes are meant to be worn, however, their look and feel grab our attention.

As per our personal experience, we may feel that there are perfumes that we don't like wearing, but we want them in general. Surprisingly, we don't wear all the perfumes we like.

And then comes, the versatility of perfume. Perfume is an art, and not everyone can understand the intricacy behind it. Often, we criticize perfume due to its less wearability. What we feel is that if we don't wear it, it should be something that should satisfy our inner self with every spray. 

What Are The Different Aspects Of Perfume Bottle?

The bottle of the perfume should be something that represents the inspiration and art in making it. If the bottle does not describe the scent, we may not be in a mood to go for it.

Similarly, some of them have transparent, some have translucent ones, and some have opaque. Different bottles with these categorizations will have a different impact on your mind.

Lastly, the colour range used in the making of the bottle and design also promotes the impact. We have seen a bottle designed in the way of a stiletto and is black. I think all the girls will be desperate enough to have that on their table. 

Different Perfumes Having Different Aesthetics

  • The Proposal Eau De Parfum (EDP) For Women and Be Naughty EDP from Mocemsa have a transparent crystal-like bottle that makes the colour of the perfume inside it, showcase properly. The pink and lilac colour is better out shown in those pretty bottles. Other than that, it has a bow on top of it to make it look more elegant and portray the message of love.
  • On the other hand, masculine fragrances like Tuxedo Men Pour Homme Eau De Parfum and Mystic Ocean Men Pour Homme Eau De Parfum from Mocemsa are crafted with blue and black colour family to resemble the young age men and their taste.
  • If we look at Chanel's perfumes, they are all presented in crystal glass bottles that give out the colour of the perfume present inside, entirely.
  • Lastly, Tom Ford's bottles are opaque and black that makes them look more elegant and classy.

Thus, perfume aesthetics is a game that leaves an impact on our minds for a long time. Perfume is now not only limited to the scent it is or from the family it comes from. It has become a broader concept that one needs to understand before one’s next shopping spree.

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