Rose: The Queen Of Floral Fragrances

Rose: The Queen Of Floral Fragrances

The femininity of roses is well celebrated. No flower in the valley of florals is as well known and recognised as the rose. It symbolises the beautiful emotion of love and devotion towards your beloved. From the blushing appearance to rich tints and graceful scent, roses have marked their presence delightfully. 

A rose is said to be the queen of flowers, and due to its richness, it has not only inspired Shakespeare but also others who followed him. Shakespeare wrote about its essence, whereas Cleopatra about the ships in rose oils and lastly Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Grace Kelly about the concentrations in their signature scents. The immortal scent of roses flows freely like the romantic verses of poetry.

Origin Of Rose Oil In Perfumery

Rose Oil Origin

The bouquet of roses comes in a wide variety, but not all are scent bearing; only a few of them have the ability to master the game of scent rendering. Among all the species, the most popular ones used in perfumery are Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia. However, the only drawback is that they blossom only once a year. The affair of harvesting takes three consecutive years to mature. The pink petals of the rose are harvested between the mid of May and mid of June at 8 in the morning. The activity of rendering essential oils produced by steam distillation leaves a by-product of hydrosol (known as rose water). The notes derived from rose are versatile in nature and speak to the heart of the fragrance. The essential oils made from rose are not so pocket friendly because they are rare. It takes 10,000 pounds of flowers to create 1lb of rose oil. 

Similarly, like wine, the rose oil also depends on the terrain and region. The colour of the rose varies as per the conditions. The scent impressions, too, can be varied like fresh, waxy, sweet, crisp, rubbery and dewy. Rosa damascena from Morocco is a bit browner in colour with a spicier hay-like texture. On the other hand, the same species, taken from Turkey, is a floral green with a darker pink colour family. The ideal climate range of derivation of rose oil is the Bulgarian rose valley, however, other regions that can be considered for the same are Turkey, Morocco, India, Russia, Moldovia, Egypt, and France. 

History Behind The Queen Of Flowers

If we go back to history, then the oldest rose fossil was found in Colorado, USA. Approximately 55 million years old, rose fossils are yet essential flowers proving their essence for scents. The rose pickers put the best of their efforts in picking and then sundry them to drench the essential rose oil. The energy of connecting the earth and fragrance has a power that makes the scent smeller feel aromatic in a few sprays. Most of the perfumes made these days have an essence of rose in them that not only enchants the mind but also the soul. The compassion of scent smelling can change perceptions, whereas kindness moves us to connect

Lastly, different kinds of rose notes are also found in perfumes from Mocemsa such as Tuxedo Men Pour Homme Eau De Parfum (EDP,) Al Ameer Men Pour Homme EDP, Royal EDP for men and others. In perfume for women, Al Ameera EDPBe Naughty Luxury EDP Fragrance Crafted In Spain and others are ruling the fragrance market.

Mocemsa Perfumes With Fragrant Rose Notes

Rose Notes In A Perfume

Be Naughty Luxury EDP Fragrance Crafted In Spain

A glorious blend of tropical wild flowers and cedarwood is perfect for women who like to wear fragrances that portray their personality. It ahs top notes of Moroccan Jasmin, Japanese Osmanthus, heart notes of Narcissus Flower, Rose De Mai, Indian Tuberose and base notes of Coconut Water, Cedarwood, Haitian Vetiver.

Al Ameer Pour Homme Eau De Parfum

Al Ameer Eau De Parfum For Men With Rose Perfume Notes

Al Ameer EDP is the perfect cologne for the royal man. It is a blend of oud and earthy notes mixed with notes of black cardamom, white pepper, geranium Egypt, cedarwood Virginia, Indian papyrus, Turkish rose oil, frankincense oil, hinoki wood, Mysore sandalwood, cistus absolute, and Cambodian oud.



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