Women Perfumes - Can Men Use Them?

Women Perfumes - Can Men Use Them?

Over the years, several hottest women's fragrances have floored online and offline perfume stores. The question that often haunted people's minds was that can men wear women's fragrances? Plus, as time went on, something interesting occurred - even men began liking the scents crafted for women as well. And, now, years later, after women fragrances have gained popularity with men, you are just as likely to find the scent in the men’s department as the women’s department. Rather, many people don’t even know that certain perfumes like Mocemsa's Celeb Eau De Parfum are intended to be a female fragrance.

It goes without saying that there's no heinous crime in a man wearing and flaunting a women's perfume similar to how there's simply no crime in a woman wearing a loose shirt rather than those body fitted dresses. And, if the truth may be told, you may act surprised on learning how much women's and men's perfumes share several commonalities, even though the makers and the marketers conceptualise very sharp feminine or masculine scents as well as their packaging and advertising. 

Women’s Scents Vs. Men’s Colognes

Exploring women's scents further, they are often found featuring sweet, fruity or floral notes. On the other hand, men's colognes are often presented as woody, oriental, green and leathery. However, in reality, all perfumes are perceived as simply chemical formulae, and, men's and women's perfume blends comprise many of the same ingredients. While industry experts consider floral, sweet and citrus as feminine scents, most perfumes for men consist of some level of both of those components, too. Also, evaluating further, many fragrances marketed to modern yet classic women contain those musky, spicy notes we often find in a men's cologne.

Women's Perfumes vs Men's Colognes

Further, the Mocemsa spectrum of fragrance compositions is vast, so it won’t be wrong in concluding that several perfumes for all reach a middle ground, charming all genders. Thus, if women try and wear more men's fragrances, and if the same happens with men that they enjoy putting on enough women's fragrances, we'll all eventually start relating an array of scents with all the genders. Moreover, what would have not gone unnoticed by you is that when perfume brands figure out, that perfume for women or a men's cologne has become a favourite with the opposite gender, it's not a rare decision for the brand to repackage the concerned perfume and sell it as "unisex” or “for all.”

Women's Perfumes  - Can Men Use Them?


To conclude, men shouldn't avoid using floral and citrus scents. Do you want to know why? That’s because their current men's cologne most likely contains a floral note like lavender and citrusy note like bergamot anyway. Also, you may want to understand that scents and colognes smell differently on every other person based on his or her body chemistry. Lastly, we at Mocemsa, always believe in the fact that wear what smells the best to us and don't worry about the packaging reflecting ‘for women’ or ‘for men.’

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